Welcome to Faith Church Pécs

Welcome to Faith Church Pécs

Welcome to Faith Church Pécs

Faith Church is a christian church, founded in 1979 by Pastor Sándor Németh, that belongs to the Pentecostal movement, which counts more than 600 million members worldwide. The church was founded during the socialist era and operated as an underground movement until the regime change in 1990, when the church membership was 2000 believers. As of 2017, Faith Church’s national membership – although membership is free and members are not required to register in any form – is estimated to be around 50 thousand attendees. Today Faith Church has 250 local churches throughout Hungary.

Welcome to Faith Church Pécs

The community in Pécs was established during the summer of 1987. The local branch of Faith Church started out as a secret group with only a handful of believers, today Faith Church Pécs has 950 members, led by Pastor Dr. Peter Hack.

Faith Church Pécs puts strong emphasis on raising up the young generation in biblical values. There are more than 200 high school and university students attending the church on a weekly basis, while Sztárai Mihály Primay School, Kindergarten and Nursery (Faith Church Pécs’ educational institution) hosts almost 300 youngsters. Both high school and university students can attend Friday’s youth services, while university students can attend prayer meetings, where a growing number of students can be in unity through prayer from week to week. Besides the scheduled events many irregular programs are organized as well, where the goal is to build friendships with each other, with the senior generation and get deeper in the Scriptures in new ways.

Translation to English language is also available during services, so all international guests are welcome in Faith Church Pécs!

Welcome to Faith Church Pécs

Schedule of events:


Thursday, 6pm-9pm

Sunday, 10am-1pm

Youth Church:

Friday, 6pm-8pm

University prayer meeting

Tuesday, starting at 7pm

Both the services and youth church are held in Faith Hall Pécs (7632 Pécs, Megyeri út 62/A).

Prayer meeting for university students are held in the Jakabhegy dormitory’s Studio club (7624 Pécs, Jakabhegyi út 8).

Welcome to Faith Church Pécs