Our mission from God is founding a family – Dr. Péter Hack

"Let us grow in Christ, who is the head of the Church” - Dr. Péter Hack

Summary of Dr. Péter Hack’s Sermon on March 17, 2024

The ruler of this World has convinced the first pair of people, that if they rebel against God they will become gods themselves. Today among politicians there are some who incite rebellion between people and want war and slaughter.

God created humans on the sixth day and blessed them.

The Bible emphasizes that God created humans male and female, not so long ago that was self-evident for everyone, but not anymore.

It is important to address this because, at the time of creation, God assigned tasks to humans. For someone to complete these tasks it is important to know and accept that these must be done.

With the Fall of Man, we lost, but in Christ, we got the power back to shape our destiny and this gives us cause for joy. God provides his immeasurable power as help for this job, therefore we believe in His power, and not in religious practices. This did not happen automatically, but God Himself made a victorious effort to ensure that we become believers, for He has the power to accomplish His will. However, God only fights for us if we have committed ourselves to Him. People celebrate several holidays, but from the Bible, we can find out which are the Lord’s holidays.

The most important holiday is Easter, of which the main message is that Jesus Christ has overcome death and after rising He went up to Heaven.

There are obstructive spiritual beings between God and man, but we must know that the Head of the Church is above these beings, and so is His body, the Church. Jesus Christ protects His own, wanting to shield them from all evil, even at the cost of thwarting their intentions. God never listens to prayers that would harm others or ourselves.

For the man it is very important, a mission and a calling given by God, to live in marriage and to plant a family. The success achieved in the family cannot be compared to any other success. The world doesn’t consider faithfulness, living in marriage, as a value, but rather, someone who regularly changes partners, but those who do this, mock their Creator.

We must pass on life, and then primarily work for the happiness of our family.

The forces of evil also seek to operate within the family, but we must stand against these forces. This fight will only be effective, if we also invite God into the marriage, as according to the Scripture, the threefold cord is not quickly broken, since each strand is closely intertwined with the other two.

In the development of children, four forces are at work: those of parents, the institutions they attend, their contemporaries, and the media.

According to the Scripture, bad company corrupts good morals. When choosing a school we have to think of one that will not absorb them and take them in the wrong direction. About the media, it’s important to know that the devil has a strong grip on its crucial part. Filtering this is the hardest task for a parent. Therefore, it is not easy to preserve the salvation of the children because out of the four forces three work against it. One must recognize that there is no replacement for a believer’s service towards their spouse and children.

So, we must put family first; even the service should not be more important.

Let us fulfill the calling that God has given us. Let us not be driven by the demands of the world, but be guided by the Word! Let us not follow the values of the world, but those of God! Let us live in such a way that it brings us joy when the Lord returns. It is not worth praying that what God has foretold doesn’t happen, but it is worth ensuring that we are in the right place when the Lord returns.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

The referenced Scriptures:

  • Genesis 1:26-31
  • Ephesians 2:5-7, 1:19-23
  • 3 John 4