“Let us find the place intended for us by God in the church!” – dr. Péter Hack

Dr. Hack Péter: A szeretet átalakítja az embert

Summary of Dr. Hack Péter’s Sermon on 2023-04-09:

God’s word describes the Church in various ways, and it is necessary for it to have organizations, but it is important to know that the organization is not the Church, but a spiritual reality. The Hit Gyülekezete is also part of the Church, specifically those members of the congregation who believe in Jesus Christ and thus become part of this spiritual reality. The Bible likens the Church to a building, a flock of sheep, and a body.

“But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.”
(1. Corinthians 12:18)


God has called us to be parts of Christ’s body. He has placed the parts in the body individually and just as He wanted. This is a huge task, but our God is capable of it.

Our time is the era of the last days, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand firm. We must have a greater desire to be part of the body and to be caught up in the rapture. To do this, we must regularly be in communion with the Lord and the body.

Let us find the place that God has intended for us in the Church!

Tour guides are surprised on group trips when we spend an hour and a half at the Western Wall. This is because Jerusalem is an excellent place for prayer and community, where God has placed His eyes and His heart forever. However, the Lord also hears our prayers wherever we are.


Before our conversion, we had goals; we wanted to shape our lives well. There were some goals that we achieved, but these results did not bring perfect satisfaction, nor did they fulfill our lives. Satisfaction is achieved when we have taken the place that God has appointed for us.

When something comes from the Lord, it is not a matter of luck, but the result of guidance. At such times, we do not act for our own glory, but rather to contribute to the realization of God’s goals.

Therefore, we must always examine ourselves to see if we are in God’s perfect will. God wants to build every believer into the place where their existence is fulfilled. This does not mean slavery, but true freedom, as Jesus Christ is the Saviour. The path of the righteous is like the dawn, which becomes clearer and clearer as it goes on until noon. As we age, more life is born in the believer. When we are in God’s will, each new phase of life opens up a new perspective to carry on His anointing. God will not support those who seek only their own glory.

Believers transmit God’s light to people, and every person needs this.

Most of us turned to human testimony when we saw that our witness had something that we did not have, but we found it attractive. Perhaps our mind objected to conversion, but our heart rejoiced.

Jesus Christ will come for the Church, as for His bride. Before His coming, there will be a falling away, during which those who do not belong will be separated and left behind.

According to Jesus’ prophecy, there will be betrayals, hatred, false prophecies, and lawlessness. These will attack bonds, love, and faithfulness. However, a community of love is absolutely necessary.

Let us find the place God has assigned to us in the church!

Some people go to church while living in sin. However, the Bible teaches that we should be holy when we participate in the body and blood of Jesus Christ; otherwise, God’s power will not build us up, but destroy us.”

It is best when in a congregation, those people who are part of the church as a body and allow the blood to flow through the body by being in fellowship with the body of Christ, come together.

This only works in a community of love, but not when sin blocks the flow. We should always seek our own place in God’s will and not try to take the place of others! Even if we may be successful in our own eyes, if we do not serve God’s purposes, it is pointless. Someone may sacrifice their life for an organization, but that alone is not enough. God will look at whether we have already taken the place He has designated for us.

We should not look at what the world promises, but at God’s guidance. The more people someone leads to the Lord, the more people will be in Heaven who would not have made it there without them. Let us never be a hindrance to anyone’s salvation!

We can be part of a very holy and important matter, therefore we ask God to place us where He wants us to be.

This is how we enter God’s Kingdom. The Lord wants to strengthen us in His service and use us for His purposes. It is good to cooperate with this!

The passages that were mentioned:

  • 1 Corinthians 12:12-27
  • Revelation 4:11
  • Matthew 24:8-14