Dr. Peter Hack: God’s word is protection during evil times

Dr. Hack Péter: A vér a benne lévő élet által szerez engesztelést

Summary of DR. HACK PÉTER’s sermon on April 16, 2023

Confessing the Word of God is appropriate to confront evil words spoken against us. The Bible states that life and death are in the power of the tongue. The human spirit often perceives evil words spoken against them, even if they are not aware of it.

The devil often incites people to attack successful individuals and communities after their success.

This often leads people to not speak about their achievements because they fear the attacks of fiery tongues when the evil days come. It is good to prepare for these times with the Word.

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul wrote to the believers that in Jesus Christ, God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. God chose us, meaning He was the initiator of this relationship. The devil discredited the concept of being chosen before the world, but we don’t have to be ashamed of it, even though our enemy wants to create this feeling in us. God’s will is that we embrace the life He offers us and identify with what His Word says about us.

We should not doubt the legitimacy of God’s choice, but rather proudly and joyfully accept it with humility and also view our brothers and sisters as chosen ones!

When the feeling of inadequacy takes hold of a person, it is good to confess the relevant part of the Word. We need to know that God knew, chose, and called us even before the creation of the world. Therefore, we must move in the world worthy of our calling, not seeing the Church as a human organization where we do and say whatever we want without consequences. Ananias and Sapphira fell into this trap when they boldly told lies to the congregation, but the Holy Spirit exposed their lies to Peter.

Our faith must be strong in the fact that we are people chosen and called by God, regardless of the feeling of inadequacy.

When we turned to God in repentance, we didn’t come to humans, but to God. After our repentance, He didn’t leave us alone, but had a purpose in His calling, which may not have been known to the believer at the time of repentance. One of the most important tasks of the Christian life is to seek and search for God’s will for our lives and be prepared for the task

“Not through an institution can one be saved, but through turning to the living God and living according to His calling.

We want to cling to Jesus Christ and strive for fellowship with Him. He called us to eternal life, so we must pay attention to Him, as He shows us the way from the bondage of sin to the freedom of eternal life.

Jesus said that only those whom He draws can go to the Father. When evangelizing, it is worth keeping in mind that we cannot know whom the Father draws. Someone may have a calling, but resist it, and the reason may be that their time has not yet come. The failure of a witness is not if someone does not repent, but if the church does not preach the gospel.

God’s goodness draws people and leads them to repentance. Jesus Christ was lifted up to heaven, calls and draws people, and when He appears, He takes the church to Himself.

Let us give thanks to God for choosing and calling us. Let us walk in faith on the path sanctified by the blood of the Lamb. It is good to regularly confess the Scriptures that show who God sees us as in Christ. This dispels darkness and bad feelings, because the Word is truth, and by confessing it, we enter into reality and light. There may be attacks in our lives, but let us confess that we do not fall after them, but emerge strengthened, because everything works for good for those who love God.

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